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TissueLabs is a startup focused on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM), developing cutting-edge technologies that allow researchers around the world to perform 3D bioprinting of living tissues in the laboratory. These tissues can be used in a wide spectrum of applications, such as pathophysiology studies, drug development, personalized medicine, and transplantation. At the same time, we work on our own research projects to develop therapeutic approaches for a range of diseases. For all of this to happen, we are continually looking for extremely talented people to join us. If you would like to join TissueLabs, you are in the right place! The first thing you need to do is ask yourself the following question: Can I get my job done in about half the time that most competent people think is possible? If your answer is yes, submit your application. Expect to work with talented, motivated, intense, and interesting colleagues. We look forward to meeting you!


  • Supporting the development of TissueLabs internal research projects;

  • Equipment operation, sample preparation, and data recording;

  • Organization and cleaning of facilities;

  • Manufacturing and quality control of products for biomedical research;

  • Inventory management;


  • Character, integrity, and transparency;

  • Curiosity and willingness to learn;

  • Familiarity with scientific search platforms (eg PubMed, EMBASE, etc.);

  • Research experience in biomedical sciences, biotechnology, and correlated areas;

  • Experience with cell culture and handling of sterile products;

  • Capacity for self-management, proactivity, organization, and attention to details;

  • Ability to do more with less;

  • Advanced or proficient English;

  • Ownership mindset.


  • Experience with biomolecular techniques (Western Blotting, PCR, etc.);

  • Experience with microscopy techniques (fluorescence, SEM, etc.);

  • Original articles published as the first author;

  • Other languages: Italian, Spanish, German, French.


  • Participation in a growing startup with global ambition;

  • Possibility to assume a leadership role as the startup grows;

  • Possibility to become a startup partner;

  • Competitive scholarship.

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